Blue Energy Motors

Connected Trucks

heavy commercial vehicles



The next generation telematics technology maximizes returns for every transporter by empowering them to maximize the operational efficiency and productivity.


It provides powerful insights on vehicle health and performance by deploying:


• IoT
• Machine Learning
• Artificial Intelligence


Here’s how it offers unparallel and unprecedented value to customers:

heavy commercial vehicles

Operations is automated and saves on manhours with

  • Tracking anomalies
  • Option to replay the entire route on the map, etc.
heavy commercial vehicles
  • Auto alert if any deviation from prescribed route
heavy commercial vehicles
  • very reliable and highly accurate fuel consumption report
  • detailed graphical analysis
heavy commercial vehicles

Check-in Check-out details are captured along with

  • Trip fuel economy
  • Distance
  • Travel time, etc.
heavy commercial vehicles
  • Real time tracking of Vehicle
heavy commercial vehicles

Drivers are scored on traits such as

  • Idling
  • Free Running
  • Hard Braking
  • Over Speeding
  • Higher Gear Utilization, etc.
heavy commercial vehicles

Highlights monetary losses by

  • Behaviour Analysis of 20+ exceptions
  • Idling dashboard, etc.
heavy commercial vehicles

Following alerts prevent accidents and damage to the vehicle

  • Free Running
  • Hard Braking
  • Harsh Acceleration
  • Over Speeding, etc.
heavy commercial vehicles

Increased vehicle uptime and cost-efficient spare part inventory by

  • Tracking service schedules as per recommended intervals
  • Tracking service consumables
  • Schedule tasks as tire change and alignment on long haul cargo trucks



Reduction in Breakdown Events
possible with predictive analytics


Improvement in Driver Behavior


Increase in Asset
Availability due to reduced failure


Maintenance Costs reduction via
predictive approach